My 100 Days

Total Days Pledged


My name is Adam, and for 100 days, I'm doing something good every day to counter Donald Trump's bad. This site is dedicated to the small steps each of us can take to do good in our lives and communities. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO DO GOOD. Go out of your way in the next 100 days to do something good (that you wouldn't normally do) at any level—1 day, 3 days, 10 days, or even 100 days. Tweet #My100days to let others know how you're doing. See Resources to do Good for ideas.

Doing good requires more than talk, social media, and even voting. In short, it requires doing. As the president continues with his first 100 days, create your own 100 day agenda. 

One thing that I personally am sure of is this: This president will make me a better person, because I'm going to make sure of it. Join me and make a pledge.