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When you can't do, give

I don’t have a ton of time for volunteering M-F, since I’m a regular nine-to-fiver, but for those without much time, charity is important. Today I donated to Direct Relief, which is a humanitarian aid organization active in all 50 states and 70 countries with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. They’re currently really focusing on helping Syrian refugees. There are more than 65 million people displaced in the world today, so this is a huge need.

Trump has said plenty about immigrants and refugees, most of it hostile (like during his visit to my hometown, Minneapolis—where we (proudly) welcome the largest Somalian population in the country. The truth is the U.S. already has a crazy detailed process by which a refugee can enter the U.S. (For Syrians, it's the most intensive vetting process of any).

You can see it here until Trump strikes it from the record, or at TIME, but it’s about 2 years worth of vetting. So people who enter the U.S. are not to be feared—they’re way more fearful of us, of a new place, longing for their lost homes and family members. We are fortunate beyond belief in this country, and it’s important to share that good fortune and hospitality as often as we can. 

I’m hoping soon to do some volunteer work with refugees and meet some first-hand. In the meantime, giving so others can help matters. CharityNavigator.org lists dozens of charities in areas in a variety of areas with perfect scores for accountability and transparency. 

Go do good.

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