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Money matters, and so does where you put it (part 1)

There is a lot of rage today, which is great—rage is a form of energy—energy that you should probably (definitely) harness and redirect toward doing something good. Maybe turn it down a notch too, to a more safe and friendly anger. 

Most of the rage today is around some environmental actions Trump took; namely, he revived both the Dakota Access pipeline and the Keystone pipeline, and he issued a gag order on the USDA and EPA

Trump will be at this for 4 years, and, like it or not, you can’t sustain a level of outrage that long without harming your own health.

small adds up to big. counter bad by doing good.

My small good thing for today is redirecting my energy—literally. I contacted my electric company (Xcel) and enrolled in its renewable energy program, called Windsource. Now, they’ll source more of the energy my home uses from renewable sources. Your company probably has a similar program. Check with them—if they don’t, suggest they get one. If enough people do it, demand for renewables goes up, and utilities will keep investing in them. It’s going to cost me an extra $5 or so per month, which I can handle by skipping a coffee and muffin. 

Anyway, I think this is part of the reason Trump is too late on the environment—overall, people have hit critical mass and are investing in renewables. We’ve had enough wars for oil. Besides, no one is crazy enough to fight a war over wind power except Trump

So keep it up. Spread the good! Make a pledge or find good ideas at Resources to do good.

Update: 1,610 days pledged & counting!

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