HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

Update: 1,610 days pledged & counting!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has pledged and who has shared this effort, and I want to share some comments from people who’ve joined up to do their own #My100Days. At just 5 days in, we're at 1,610 days and counting! Thank you all and please continue to share this with others.

Max says, “I’m going to collect books to donate to The Family Partnership from friends at my 6th birthday party.” 

Max, that is so awesome. You are really awesome. Thank you!

Andria says, “I’m going to make monthly donations to NRDC, ACLU, and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Also, I’m going to continue advocating for public access to real science, actual facts, and cultural institutions via my job.”

Andria, that is also awesome and really cool that you have a job that allows you to be an advocate. Thank you.

Anonymous says, “Mine is more of a re-dedication to something I'm passionate about: my volunteer work teaching English to immigrants and refugees. It's ... about being a welcoming presence in a country where they do NOT feel welcome right now. It's telling them, over and over again, that there are many Americans who are happy they are here, who believe the country is better and stronger because of them.”

Anonymous, this feels like more than a small good, but a big good, which is also acceptable for this site—thank you so much. Keep it up!

Anonymous 2 says, “I have a team of 10 students doing a Karma Yoga Project. So far we are volunteering to teach elderly chair yoga in a nursing home. We are also volunteering at a soup kitchen, and to round this out we will be offering children the opportunity to learn how important it is to live a life filled with good deeds for others.

Anonymous 2, it is important for older people to be flexible, and even though I know that’s not all yoga is, I’m happy that is one part of it. This is all really great work, thank you.

Cynthia says, “Every payday (I calculate 7 in the next 100 days), I will donate to an organization I don't currently give to, e.g. Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLA, others.”

Cynthia, thank you. I posted about this already, but charity is really important—when you can’t “do”—and many of us can't do a ton of volunteering—give, so that others may do. Amazing.

Sarah says, "I pledged to 25 days of good. Day 1: learned about/donated to Greening Forward. Day 2: contacted (and received responses from) my legislators in both Rochester and Chetek. Day 3: submitted an application to become a storyteller on a project for The Survivant Organization, which works to eradicate domestic and sexual violence among young women aged 16-24 through research, interactive education, and advocacy.

Sarah, you are off to a really fast start. I'm humbled by your efforts! Keep it up!

Shin says, “I've recently volunteered at the International Institute of MN as a bus buddy (teaching new immigrants how to ride the bus) and also as an after school tutor. Plus I like your idea of picking up trash as I see it on the street. I think I'm gonna incorporate that into my daily life. THANKS for the community support!”

No Shin, thank you!

Thanks, everyone! Keep it up. Spread the good! Make a pledge or find good ideas at Resources to do good.

This is how I feel about all of you. I have a little hat, don't be sad. We are gonna go do good!

This is how I feel about all of you. I have a little hat, don't be sad. We are gonna go do good!

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