HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

Update: 4,009 days and counting!

Today we hit the 4,000 days mark! Thanks again to everyone who has pledged and who has shared this effort. Here are some comments from people who’ve pledged to do their own #My100Days:

Susan says, “I will find small but meaningful ways to be kind to friends, family, and strangers... because we may not easily know who among us is facing serious financial, medical, and emotional implications, and every act of kindness matters to those who are facing greater issues.”

Susan, I know that is true. Small steps to do good matter!

Megan says, “Not sure yet.”

Megan, it’s ok to not be sure. You’ve taken the first step! Great job!

Anonymous says, “My family of six will continue to serve our community in the following ways: volunteer at local Title I school running a chess club for under-privileged, urban students; pick up trash in neighborhood monthly as a family; volunteer at local immigration education and resource center, share helpful facts and positive opinions in online social media, donate 100 pounds of food for local missionaries, donate 100 pounds of food to local food bank, write monthly letters/home visits to 8 local homebound citizens.“

Wow—this is a ton of good. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous says, “I'm going to volunteer at the Humane Society - during the winter the dogs need extra love.”

I did not know dogs needed extra love in winter, but that makes sense because people do, too! 

Lisa and Wyatt say, “Help with this website :-) Find good deeds for my son and I to do together.”

Lisa, thank you for your help with this website. Wyatt is cute. 

Wyatt helping his mom Lisa get some bday bags together for The Family Partnership kids.

Wyatt helping his mom Lisa get some bday bags together for The Family Partnership kids.

Anonymous says, “I'm helping build several free libraries across town.”

I will donate books to them!

Big Al says, “Donate money once a week to charities with perfect scores!”

Big Al, you have a great name. Thanks for doing good!

Anonymous says, “I am going to love the shit out of some rescue animals at the humane society!! And bring them food and other provisions. But overall love the shit out of them ;)”

Whoa—you probably need to calm down a little bit. 

Anonymous says, “Help grandpa.”

That is awesome! All grandpas need help.

Make a pledge to do good.

P.S. Today I gave to Release the MN 8, which you can read more about here.

Wyatt and Lisa's finished bday bags! They look great!

Wyatt and Lisa's finished bday bags! They look great!

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