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A day without immigrants

Immigrants are our future, and so are kids. That's why today, in honor of A Day without Immigrants, I gave to United We Dream--the largest youth-led immigrant organization in the nation. They operate in 26 states. 

Make a donation to support the actions led by undocumented immigrant youth that will be happening across the country throughout the rest of 2016 to stand up and fight back against the anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-Muslim, and racist agenda of president-elect Trump.

In cities around America, thousands of construction companies, restaurants and other businesses are participating in "A Day Without Immigrants," a combination boycott/strike that highlights the contributions of immigrants to U.S. business and culture.

It is so amazing today to see so many, immigrants and those who simply support them, taking real action. My city of Minneapolis has dozens of businesses closed today. Heartening!

And now I'm off on vacation, without internet access. It will be good to get away. I'll try to do good in the frigid Minnesota Northwoods!


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