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Iraqi Voices in Minnesota

Today I watched a fantastic video to educate myself on the Iraqi population in Minneapolis. 

It was created and directed entirely by Iraqi people living in Minneapolis.
The video told of the rich history of the land where Iraq is today—the so called cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia. Iraqis can trace their ancestors in those lands back 5,000 years! It was there that the wheel was invented, the 60-minute hour and 24-hour day were established, and the circle traced at 360 degrees. 

We heard interviews, some funny, some soul crushing, from Iraqis right here in our Minneapolis community. One featured a father and son who were the owners of the Minnehaha Grocery Store in St. Paul, MN (1818 W Minnehaha Ave).

They say they came here for peace, freedom, and safety, after America invaded their country (in 1990 and 2003). They seek now simply to coexist, and live safely with their families.

One Iraqi woman featured got her Ph.D. and became the first Iraqi elected to a school board in Minnesota! 

Maybe go visit the grocery store and try some new foods!  

The video was part of the Iraqi Art Project.

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