HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

Children, not terrorists.

I don’t have time to do today, so I gave. I donated to UNICEF. My thought is, even if you don’t want the U.S. to accept refugees—and maybe especially if you don’t want that—then you should give to an organization that is in these conflict zones, helping refugees where they are at. And UNICEF helps children, so it’s pretty easy to want to give to them. They even have a shop where you can buy stuff for yourself if you don’t want to give directly, and part of your cost goes toward helping the kids. I love UNICEF's slogan:

Not refugee children. Not migrant children. Children are just children.

We might also add “not terrorist children.” 

Kids are so amazing. When they're little, they don't hate, they aren't racist, they love hugs and most everyone. If they didn't poop themselves all the time, they'd be perfect! We could all learn from them.

Make a pledge to do good. Need inspiration? Here is an inspiring story of charity—a man who was a billionaire, and gave it all away. 

James Bond of Philanthropy’ Gives Away the Last of His Fortune

Day 16: I prove I am not pure evil/deliver 83 lbs of salad

Day 14: All I did was buy some cheese.