HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

Day 50: Q. Can’t I just continue to be a good person? A. No.

It’s hard to believe today marks halfway to 100 days of trying to do some good, but then again the time hasn’t exactly flown by. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that purposefully doing good actually is hard—or at least doing good and blogging about it is hard. I’ve largely set aside a couple of hobbies, not intentionally but because I’ve either not had the time or not had the energy to do them. I think maybe like 50 purposeful days of good per year would be a realistic and sustainable goal for most of us.

Purposeful is the key word here though. Someone made a pledge on this site to do good and in their description asked “can’t I just continue to be a good person? I’ve thought about that a lot, and I think the answer is “no.” That’s not enough. That’s a good baseline, for sure, but it’s time, I think, to do more. 

The second thing I’ve learned is that, man, it’s hard to get pledges. The point between clicking "like" on social media, and actually considering doing something about it ... is a huge chasm. The gap between considering and doing--even larger.

This site has received 8,000 visits in the last 50 days, but just a little more than 1% of those turned into actual pledges. Facebook likes and Twitter retweets can’t create the change you want to see. The world won’t change on 1%. 

Still, those who did pledge, pledged big—nearly 4,200 days of doing good. For that I’m grateful.

Thanks so much. 

Make a pledge to do good.


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