HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

Raising money with beer

Last night I put my beer drinking skills to use and volunteered to bartend for about 4 hours at a cystic fibrosis fundraising event. It was for this organization “With one Breath,” and it raises about $25 grand or more for finding a cure for what is another stupid disease among many.

The fundraising method was pretty cool. Essentially they asked all these breweries around Minneapolis to donate beer for the event, and they’d supply the volunteer bartenders. People would buy tasting tickets and get to sample beers from Lake Monster, Bauhaus, Rush River, and many others. They also had cool stuff people could bid on donated by many of Minneapolis’ generous and socially engaged companies. And live music. So I doled out a hundred samples or so, and sampled some beers myself, then even got a six-pack from one of the brewers! That is my kind of volunteer work. 

It was a busy day, because I also did my new Saturday morning food delivery to Interfaith Outreach. I hope people like salad, because I picked up about 150 pounds of it.

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