HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

New typical Saturday

Today I did my new weekly Saturday morning food pickup from Target and delivered it to the food shelf. The usual Target guy was back from vacation so I asked him how it went. He said “3/4 of it was great.” I asked him what happened to the other quarter, and he said the bank cancelled his debit card because they’d sent him a new one. So he had $800 he couldn’t access. So his solution was that, since he was in San Diego, he crossed the border into Tijuana and got a $10 a night hotel room for the last two nights of his vacation. 

Anyway, I delivered 90 pounds of food. Probably 30 of it was bananas. 

Getting out of your grocery zone

We choose to do these things because they are hard