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Getting out of your grocery zone

I didn’t post yesterday, but I still did good. I went to a new grocery store in a different part of town, instead of the one I always go to. I count this as “doing good” because it’s a tiny step to get outside of my regular comfort zone. 

Most of us almost always shop at the same grocery store, in the same area of town, in the same neighborhood where we live a majority of our lives. We do it because it’s convenient and comfortable. We know where all the food is. 

At this new grocery store there was a lot more diversity, because it’s in a neighborhood that’s a lot more diverse than my own—I live near mostly white people. So just getting out and associating with people who look a little different than you do is a small step toward something like a gateway to understanding.

For most of us, anything new—new ideas, new people—can seem like a potential threat. We’re evolutionarily wired for it. So when someone stirs up fear—implies that a group of people, like Muslims, or immigrants in general, should be feared—we’re eager to accept that information as truth, to keep ourselves safe. But just by being around these people, we begin to open up our minds when time and time again, our interactions prove there is nothing to fear after all. 

So ...go on an adventure in a new part of town (try one in a community with a totally different socioeconomic status than yours)! Try a new grocery store adventure for starters, and see if you can chat someone up! You may even find some new foods, too!

I also saw this dog in a convertible while I was out. 

I also saw this dog in a convertible while I was out. 

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