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Good Grocer

Last night I shopped at a kinda new (to me) grocery store in Uptown Minneapolis called Good Grocer. It’s an amazing concept—They have a working volunteer model that invites people from the community to help operate the store, and then for just 2.5 hours of volunteer time a month they get 25% off their food purchases (they have 400 volunteers already)! Because they don’t have much in employee operational costs, they can pass along lower food prices for everyone!

From their site: “Good Grocer was founded in 2015 by a group of people who wanted to help families in need access healthy foods at affordable prices. Instead of giving people a hand out, Good Grocer empowers those in need by inviting them to volunteer their time and talents for a break on their bill. As of July 2016 Good Grocer has engaged 450 low-income volunteers, enabling them to purchase 195,000 essential foods – a collective savings of over $98,000.”

You can donate to them directly if you like the idea, and even sponsor a healthy meal for a family in need! I shopped there and I donated an additional 1/3 of my bill.

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