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Kickstarting immigrant stories

The idea for My 100 Days was mostly driven by my frustration with all things Facebook (and social media generally).

It didn’t seem effective at persuading anyone, and is otherwise an echo-chamber for reiterating your stance on issues already shared by most of the people you're outraging at. Plus, it gives the false illusion that sharing your outrage actually does anything at all.

Today I gave to a Kickstarter campaign that wants to put positive immigrant stories in front of conservatives—via Facebook. I’m a little skeptical, but not so much I won’t support the idea—because they’re actually doing something—and especially since they’re doing it through independent film-making.

Facebook is not working.

Facebook is not working.

These people asked themselves how they could make a positive impact on an increasingly divided nation, and came up with making short films that illustrate that we're all immigrants in this country.

Check them out and support them, or otherwise Make a pledge to do good.

Our nation, in numbers

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