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Our nation, in numbers

It’s crazy that our own gov’t doesn’t supply this, but leave it to a Microsoft founder to come out of retirement to do it for them. As Trump shuts down transparency, now comes a private site called USAFacts.org that is a treasure trove of awesome data about where your tax dollars go, crime rates, poverty, etc.

In 10 minutes I was able to find that:

  • 47 million Americans live in poverty--15% ($24,000 for a fam of 4)
  • Defense spending is insane. The U.S. spends $800 billion a year--15% of the total budget. It's more than doubled since 2000 and quadrupled since 1980. (If your personal food budget grew at that rate you would be gigantic. We would declare war on your huge body).
  • Our prison population is absurdly huge (1.5 million)--most for non-violent possession of drugs (not the sale--possession). And despite what Trump said campaigning, violent crime rates have gone down significantly--cut in half since 1990. 

Check this site out and bookmark it. Arming yourself with facts is the best weapon against ignorance.

In the meantime, Make a pledge to do good.

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