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It takes a village

I was heartened this weekend, after volunteering on a food drive and helping kids fish, to hear from someone else about her experience with My100Days. 

Katie says, “A couple friends and I completed orientation for an awesome shelter, called the Guest House, in Milwaukee last month and this weekend we started our volunteering by making 200 sandwiches to feed those in need.

The Guest House is a men's homeless shelter that has been helping people overcome homelessness for over 30 years. They help get them job training, counseling, and more in order for them to find employment and get off the streets. The sandwiches are used throughout the day when they go to job sites or handed out a window to anyone hungry in the community at anytime of day."

200 sandwiches takes a lot of help to make! Katie and friends get it done!

200 sandwiches takes a lot of help to make! Katie and friends get it done!

It was really nice to hear this from Katie! I’ve been trying to stay on track with my 100 days of doing good, and frankly, it has at times been exhausting, and I’ve had my doubts about whether it was doing any good. But I’ve gotten messages here and there (like from Mel, who says she has upped her donation game, and from Liz, who is tutoring immigrants) like this one that really have made it worth it. 

With 100 Days coming to a close this Saturday, I’m looking forward to reflecting further on the whole experience and where to go from here. Keep sharing your talents and your goods!  

Thanks to all who’ve participated! In the meantime, it's never too late to Make a pledge to do good!


And so we come to an end

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