HI! MY NAME IS Adam O. I am a writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I am an average person, driven by a goal to always keep improving so that I LEAVE the world a LITTLE better than when i found iT.

Finding your volunteer match

I've started doing some volunteering because of this blog, and most of it is due to the amazing website Volunteermatch.org, which connects people with thousands of opportunities around the country in whatever your area of interest might be (helping seniors, kids, with music, gardening, etc.). Today I donated to them (because they're a nonprofit, too), and I signed up to help kids fish later this month. That sounds awesome. I also signed up recently to watch dogs for short periods of time, but that hasn't happened yet. 

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I am not great at fishing

I am not great at fishing

Fixing and emailing

Diversity as an act of species survival